31 July 2010

Avacodos are yummy...

I can finally blog about this project that had been happily waiting on my dining room table to be sent off. I made these for my friend Leslie for her housewarming gift. She told me her colors in the kitchen and I went crazy. I used some of the same fabric that I used on my bag. I was just hoping the color matched. Found out the other day that they match perfectly. Woohoo.

Fun towels.

Drying mat for dishes.

Hot pad.

These are all super easy little projects that made a great gift. I'm working on more with varying fabrics for future gifts along with some other nice things. I'll blog them once I give them :)

I also tried out the gathered clutch tutorial from noodlehead that came out slightly wonky but really cute. Gotta get pics then I'll share.bag

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