05 July 2010


I've become that lady I used to always hate at the grocery store. You know, the one with a million coupons. Yep, that is now me. Sorry, I enjoy a good bargain & saving some money. I've been following a few different coupon blogs on my feedly (an excellent RSS reader that links to Google Reader, you should definitely check out if you haven't before). Penny Pinchin Mom has a Coupon 101 section that is fabulous! In fact I was able to put one of her tips into practice today. From her Coupon Language section, she says:

"When you look at the coupon, you should completely disregard the photo you see printed on it. Why? The wording identifies what product(s) the coupon can be used on. Many manufacturer will put a photo of the most expensive item in the product line, in hopes you will use it only for that item. This is difficult for some cashiers to understand. Always remain calm and collected and work with your cashier to help him or her understand the coupon as well."

I for one had been tricked by this a million times! Since reading that I have been more careful to read my coupons not just look at the picture.

Today I was at Target picking up a few things that were on sale that I also had coupons for and was checking out the beverages. I had a Target coupon for $1 off a 6 pack of Diet Pepsi. On the coupon was a picture of a 6 pack of Diet Pepsi bottles. I didn't want the bottles since I'm trying to cut down on my soda consumption so I went for the 6 pack of the mini cans (added bonus was they were cheaper too). I remembered the tip about the pictures so I knew I could use the coupon. When checking out, the coupon got questioned by the cashier. She was young and asked a cashier at another register (who I happened to have another run in the week before with her questioning my coupons). They both kept saying it had to be on the bottles since that what was in the picture and I calmly reminded them that it didn't say anywhere on the coupon it had was to be used on bottles only. The manager on the radio finally agreed with me, so I got my $1 off. Woohoo!

I know a dollar doesn't seem like much but those dollars (and coupons) add up, I was able to save over $30 on that trip!

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