05 July 2010

My new bag


Love it!

Not exactly how I was thinking it would end up. I wanted more of a larger bag width wise and shorter height wise. This works out ok though, my laptop still fits and I could also use it as a larger purse. I adapted a tutorial from Film in the Fridge. At first I was going to do one like I had made before, instead I decided to try the extra bottom panel. Not as hard as I thought it would be, but considering I didn't plan for it when doing my initial calculations and cutting, I'm just happy I made it work. I also worked in a few inside pockets and a magnetic clasp.


I also used some ribbon (50% off at Hobby Lobby, love that store) for part of the handle.


I got the canvas on clearance at Hobby Lobby in the remnants section a while back and never was sure what I was going to do with it. This bag is perfect, gave it some weight. I made the fabric flowers out of some of the extra fabric (that I am also planning some other stuff with). They are pins so I can remove them if I want. I got the green dot and swirly fabric for $4 at an etsy store. I love it so I'm definitely going to have to get more before she sells out.


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Mary said...

Hi Lori! Just wanted to respond to your comment about frayed ribbon, but couldn't find a link to your email address.

First, I'm SO sorry to hear about your ribbon fraying in the wash. That's so frustrating! I recommend touching each cut end of ribbon to a flame (such as a candle or lighter). You'll notice that the very end of the ribbon will melt slightly, therefore curing your ribbon and preventing fraying. Just be careful not to catch your ribbon on fire :-)

I just love this bag in your post! The ruffle detail and fabric flower make it really special.