04 February 2011

Ice Ice Baby

I couldn't resist. Thought we were going to have a snow day today, ended up an ice day. I got a lot done at least. Loads and loads of laundry, discussion board posting for this week & next week, this week's homework, and some cleaning. Definitely a productive day. Hopefully we won't have to make it up in a few weeks and we get to keep our President's day holiday. Three day weekends are the best.

On the agenda for tomorrow is paper grading. I have a stack about a foot tall. Grades are due on Tuesday, so it's gotta get done ASAP. Also leaving for TCEA this week so grading papers definitely needs to be complete.

Sunday I gotta get a bag made that one of my kids ordered. Not sure when I'll have time again for a few weeks, so that also needs to get completed. Plus, I haven't had much time to do any sewing lately. Competition was last weekend. The kids did great and we have a ton going to state. Preparations are underway for that and can't wait to see how well they do there.

I gotta get more consistent with the postings. Next class is Teaching with Technology so I have a feeling we'll be doing some blogging for it. After that the only thing between me and my master's degree is the Internship course. Time has definitely flown by. Can't believe it's almost over!

Can't have a post without a pic. Flickr is a treasure box of quilting inspiration. Here are a few that I'm loving...

Random Reflection in Fandango
(Random Reflection in Fandango by KarrieLyne)

Amy Butler Coin Quilt
(Amy Butler Coin Quilt by naturemomm)

valley trails
(valley trails by greenbuttonstudio)

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