08 July 2011

Dogs are people

Such an innocent face...right?


She thinks she is a person, not a dog. She also thinks that she can read just like other people can. Her name is Dixie and she is one of my parents' dogs. She tried to read my mom's book and needed to remove the bookmark that I had made her (my mom, not the dog). In the process she got preoccupied and ended up breaking the elastic and almost the button off of it. So, my mom asked for 2 new bookmarks (in red and black of course, her favorite color combo). I hope she likes them.


I also finished her other "order" for a second dish rug (named change courtesy of That girl...That quilt), this one is bigger than the last.


Since I was already making the bookmarks for my mom, I had an order for eight bookmarks for my aunt to use as future gifts. Easy enough since I was already doing two. Now I just need to get some more made for the etsy store.


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