21 July 2011


After being here and there and everywhere for over a week, it is good to be home. Unfortunately my summer is slowly but surely coming to an end. Summer conference is over, both of my presentations went well. I have two more technology presentations at work to do in just a couple of weeks. School will be starting before we know it (all the back to school sales have begun).

School Bokeh
School Bokeh by Ryan M. licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Lots to do in the coming weeks...

Finishing up cousin's order
Jury duty
Project Runway premiere (yippy!)
New stuff for the shop
Dish rug orders
Table runner for aunt
Planning for upcoming school year and new class (yikes!)
Graduation from graduate school

Why can't summer last forever?

Summer 2010 !
Summer 2010 by Mattias Bergdal licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License

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