29 July 2011


It's that time again. InstaFriday. I'm loving this app!

Cute dogs.

Started as a test, but I love it. Can't wait to make some more of these.

Jillian Michaels is becoming my new BFF.

This might just be the biggest dish rug ever. Hope the person getting it likes it. She wanted it to cover one entire part of her counter. I think I succeeded.

This was Thursday night. Don is now further away from Houston. I am happy about that. Rain I can handle. Even a little wind I can handle. Anything more? No thank you. This is a picture of my favorite storm tracking site (yes, I'm a dork and have a favorite storm tracking site) Storm Pulse.

Yum. Local bakery I haven't tried before but heard good things about. Hope they taste as good as they smell. Flavors are (clockwise from top) vanilla with vanilla buttercream, chocolate cheesecake with cream cheese icing, and chocolate with peanut butter buttercream (it smells delicious).

On a side note that I didn't get a picture of, I went and saw Crazy, Stupid, Love today. So good. I definitely recommend it. Funny and touching with some stuff I didn't see coming.

life rearranged


Jennifer said...

Wow! The cupcakes look yummy...especially the vanilla buttercream. :-)

thezestdiaries said...

Wait. Jillian Michaels is MY best friend! ; ) The cupcakes certainly caught my eye. And I SO want to see Crazy Stupid Love. Glad to hear you recommend it!

Liz said...

Love the bag! I've wondered about Crazy, Stupid, Love....sounds like I'll have to check it out!