22 July 2011


Finally bit the bullet and got an iPhone and I must say it is the best thing I've bought in a while. I LOVE it! I was an android girl before and didn't think I'd make the switch but I'm glad I did. One of my new favorite apps is Instagram. Thought I'd give InstaFriday over at Life Rearranged a try this week.

I decided to make my way through the Potter series again. We went and saw the final battle last week at the midnight showing. Loved it!

Notes, lists, and more. My favorite little book. My favorite little pen.

Hand binding? I always hate the idea, but I always love the results a ton better than machine binding (especially since my machine binding usually only looks good on one side).

Finished my graduation announcements. Done & ordered. Thanks again Vistaprint.

Potholder done. Tutorial coming next week.

She may be the devil.

life rearranged


Grace said...

jillian michaels is BEAST. i need to bust out that dvd again. it would be good to be swimsuit ready while it's still swimsuit season. ;)
and sharpie pens? be still my heart. love 'em.
happy insta-friday!

Holly said...

I've been torn about seeing the last HP movie so soon because then it will really be over, you know? But I do want to see it. I've been thinking about reading the series again too as sort of a tribute--and because they're soooo good.

I love Sharpie pens. Used to be a Pilot Precise fan but now I'm 100% a Sharpie girl.

The Shred is evil. But it's a good workout.

Michele said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great list and photos! Just seeing the last photo of the DVD makes me sweat, which probably means that I need to get that DVD and workout.

Angee said...

I love your bookmark. So cute.