19 July 2011

OCD Space - Craft/Office - The Fabric

So I shared half of my space last week in this post. Today it's on to the fabric area. My room is not that large so everything is within reach.


Yes, I realize I have entirely too much fabric. However, if you do some searching on the Internet you will soon discover that what I have is nothing compared to some others.

On the top of the shelves (from Target), sit two old wire lockers that are home to my solid fabrics. Most of this is scrap that I have picked up in the remnants section of JoAnn or Hobby Lobby (at 50% off).


Vintage candy jars and a barrel jar are home to zippers, selvage, and elastic.



Top row - home to most of my fabric on homemade mini fabric bolts (idea from The Little Green Bean)


Middle row - sheets and table clothes (from Target clearance racks or Goodwill), wire locker with jersey fabric, wire locker with burlap and extra mini bolts



Bottom row - 2 scrap bins, pre-cut circles waiting to become fabric flowers, felt, and some old curtain fabric


And off to the side, my closet with iron & ironing board, and peaking out on the edge the TV.


Hope you enjoyed my space!

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Shianne @ Flower Frenzy Creations said...

Great idea! Thanks!

Lynda @ {ubersavvy} said...

Wish i could be this neat. I always start out with the best intentions but leave the room in a mess. Inspirational

Deb said...

OMG!! I love, love, love how you organized the fabrics. I have piles that I never know how to store. I will SO be copying you that! Thanks so much for the inspiration!