15 August 2011

Summer is over.

Back to work today. Summer is over. I'm excited about getting ready this week in preparation for the kids next week. Summer flew by, but I got a lot of projects done and sold some things along the way. I have a few new projects in the works and hope to continue to share them. I'm really excited about starting some baby projects for some friends that are expecting. I have pinned a number of them on Pinterest and can't wait to get going. Here are a few that I'm most excited about.

Bean Bag Tutorial from Sew Like My Mom via Pinterest

Washcloth Bib Tutorial from Sew Like My Mom via Pinterest

Baby Gift Ideas from Tip Nut via Pinterest

and my absolute favorite and one of the first things I pinned is:

Memory Game from The Student/Teacher via Pinterest

and something for myself. First time trying clothing. Scary.

SoHo Maxi Dress from Sew Much Ado via Pinterest

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Not on Pinterest? Why Not?! A slight warning though...it is addictive. Even more so? The iPhone app :)

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