07 September 2011

Oh, how pinteresting

I decided to participate in The Vintage Apple's link up this week. Mainly because I'm addicted to Pinterest like a million other people.

What? You aren't on Pinterest? Seriously? If you need an invite and want to join in the addicting fun let me know. Want to follow me? You can here.

All summer long I've been a tad obsessed with everything to do with lemons. This isn't a new obsession as I have loved citrus colors for quite sometime. I even had a duvet cover in college with some lovely lemons and limes on it. I still have that thing somewhere, I think. So, here is some lemony goodness that I've pinned.

I have only made the last two so far and they were delicious! I definitely recommend them...as do all of the people I shared them with :)

Have you pinned anything lemony that I gotta try?

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