21 September 2011

Quilt it.

It's that time again for The Vintage Apple's Pinterest link up. You can follow me on Pinterest here.

I love to sew, but there are two types of things I have yet to tackle. Clothing and quilts. When I look at these, it gets me inspired and also a tad scared. I'll try them one of these days!

I'm I the only one with an obsession with quilts? Are they really as hard as I think they are?


Meg O. said...

What great pins! I love the second and fourth one!

Amy Rene said...

I love the notebook quilt! saw something like that on etsy the other day & I really want to get one!

{I've got a Kate Spade giveaway going on right now & would love to see you there! amyreneonline.com}

Sarah E. said...

I absolutely love quilts. My grandma gave me one for a graduation present that was made out of all her old scrubs (she was a nurse for many many years)..it's irreplaceable! She has a couple made from clothing from her mom that I always admired growing up!