31 October 2011

5 - reminds you of someone

day 5: song that reminds you of someone (see all 30 days here)

Happy Halloween! I have a lot of songs that remind me of a lot of different people for different reasons. What follows is perhaps going to be the strangest mix of songs ever.

Bowling for Soup's "Ohio" will always remind me of my best friend Neysha. After we graduated from college, she left Texas for Colorado and New Jersey. It took a while for her to make it back to Texas, but thankfully she did (bringing with her an awesome dog and future husband). Even though she came back to Texas two years ago, this is still the song that plays every time she calls. Too bad she really did lose her accent!

Reba McEntire "Fancy" will always be Sara's song. She can karoake this song like no one else! Plus, her cat Fancy is one of the craziest animals on the planet.

Darude "Sandstorm". Ten years later and this song still reminds me of Tracie. I skipped right over Charlie Robison "My Hometown" and Kelis "Milkshake" for Darude. It will always remind me of her...and some crazy frat daddy neighbors from our A&M years.

Michelle Pfeiffer "Cool Rider". My Grease 2 partner in crime, Lisa. This will forever be your song! So thankful I have a cousin and friend that enjoys cheesy movies and musicals as much as I do.

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