21 October 2011


Only slightly.

Though, if you ask my Audio Video students, they would probably say I was completely obsessed with Inception and Leonardo DiCaprio. And I'm ok with that. I quite frequently use clips from the film as examples in class, much to the horror (or delight) of my students. I also have used The Departed (muted, of course) and Blood Diamond. Come to think of it, I can see how they would infer an obsession with Mr. DiCaprio.

I give him credit, he has come a long way since Growing Pains and the dreaded Titanic years.

On a side note, who knew so many Oscar nominees would come out of Growing Pains?

And who knew he'd turn into such a great actor that picks such great roles (minus The Aviator, not one of my favorites)? Can't wait to see J. Edgar.

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