10 November 2011

13 - guilty pleasure

day 13: a song that is a guilty pleasure (see all 30 days here)

As you have probably been able to tell I have no shame when it comes to music, so guilty pleasure is a bit of a stretch. If I like it then I like it, no matter who it is by or what the genre.

I just realized that it is day 13 and it is a travesty that a certain band has not made an appearance yet on any of my song challenge postings. This will come to an end today. Perfect timing because they are definitely a guilty pleasure to many people (I know, you are secretly a huge fan....don't be ashamed!).

You aren't getting just one either people. Oh no. You are getting another...

I definitely have no shame when it comes to N Sync.

Yes, I am the teacher that has their Christmas album on constant rotation during December in my classroom, much to the dislike of some of my students. Just a few more weeks and I can dust it off again :)

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