15 November 2011

16 - love/hate

day 16: a song that you used to love but now hate (see all 30 days here)

There aren't too many songs that I used to love and then end up hating. There are songs that I get sick of hearing after awhile, but this post isn't going to feature one of those.

Since I don't really have a song that fits this bill, I'm just going to share a great song from a great artist that oddly enough I haven't used in this challenge yet. As this challenge goes on some of these are getting harder and harder to find stuff that fits. I think I'm probably going to end up changing a few others too. LOL.

Close second to DMB for my favorite is definitely Wade Bowen. Love. Him. I got to meet him after a concert at the Firehouse a number of years ago. One of my favorite pictures. One of my favorite concerts. Definitely one of my favorite artists!

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