21 November 2011

20 - angry AND sewn goodies

day 20: a song that you listen to when you're angry (see all 30 days here)

Kelly Clarkson is always good to listen to when you are a little angry. Especially her upbeat stuff. This is one of my faves by her.

On a side note from the challenge, I'm so excited to have the week off for Thanksgiving break. Lots of family time and hopefully lots of sewing. Some baby goods have been made and given so I can finally share on the blog. That post will be coming soon. Here's a sneak...

This weekend I worked on finishing a bunch of checkbook covers (note my OCD tendencies below).

Who would have thought these would be the item I have sold the most of? Not me that's for sure, but they are adorable. Adding them to the etsy store this week.


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