15 December 2011

blog planner (techno thursday)

I love free printable signs, calendars, templates, etc. I'm of the mindset of why reinvent the wheel? If someone else has done it (and it was done well), then why do I need to waste time making my own....especially if they have offered it up for free!

A few weeks ago Kristen at KristenDanielleXO posted a picture of her blog planner on a Fun with Phones Monday post. I loved it and was on the hunt for something similar.

I came up with a lot of different ones, but I fell in love with just one.

And it's free. Love. Get it from Living Locurto. Did I mention it was free?

1 comment:

Kristen Danielle said...

This is a cute one too! So sad I couldn't remember which blog I got mine from :(

Have a great weekend Lori!