14 December 2011

homemade holidays

It's Wednesday! Time to link up with The Vintage Apple's for her Pinterest link up. You can follow me on Pinterest here.

This year will be another homemade holiday season, much like last year. Hope the end results will still be a surprise for my family members that follow me! Pinterest is the BEST place for ideas. Here are some of my favorites, but there are a ton more on my boards.

Good thing I have mason jars already on hand :)

Do you have any great DIY gift ideas you have found on Pinterest? Please share!


Trish said...

LOVE all the ideas...except for the slime! :)
going over to pinterest to follow your boards now. Happy Wednesday!

Trish @ Tales from ... 

Breanna said...

I Love the scarffff!

Meg O. said...

Candied pecans are my crack. I could eat them forever!

Amanda said...

I want to be crafty and do some of these next year (I am 99% done shopping!!). However, I am making that lemon scrub today for myself!