30 December 2011


What to get for a bunch of men in the family when I'm doing the whole homemade gift thing? Food of course!

I will say that i did sample everything to make sure it wasn't poisoned. Luckily for the guys, everything passed with flying colors. So good!

First I did some Chocolate Pretzels from a recipe on Allrecipes.

I'd love to try these with different flavored Kisses and M&Ms. I went plain this time. I also couldn't find the circle or square pretzels, so I just went with the twists. This recipe will definitely be repeated again. It's the perfect combination of salty & sweet!

I had some extra pretzels and white chocolate left over from this recipe, so I made a few Pretzel Santa Hats...though mine didn't turn out as good as One Ordinary Day's.

And last, I had some pecans left over from this recipe, so I decided to put them to good use in some Pecan Snowballs.

I will definitely be making ALL of these again in the future. Did you do any holiday baking this year with good results?

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Meg O. said...

I love the chocolate M&M pretzels! We used to always make those!