05 January 2012

all stars and some other people

Tonight on Lifetime. Project Runway All Stars debuts.

I LOVE Project Runway. Since I began sewing I have a new found appreciation for it. I have been looking forward to the all star version, but I do have a few reservations...

Namely...who are these people?

Ok, I know who Isaac Mizrahi is...what I mean is where is Michael Kors? Nina Garcia? What in the world?!?!

Heidi? Is that you?

Nope. She's not there either.

And where is Tim Gunn?

Unless he turned into a woman, I don't think he's going to be on the show. Lifetime FAIL!

That is four strikes right there. Hrmm....

Considering a few of my favorite designers are coming back for a second go round, I'll still be watching even without Michael, Nina, Heidi, or Tim. Not sure how long I'll last though. Only time will tell.

 Here's hoping Mondo can pull out a win, since he was robbed on his season!

All images from Lifetime.

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Meg O. said...

wow, that IS a huge fail! Michael Kors and Tim Gunn are my heroes! I agree - I hope Mondo wins!