03 January 2012

ringing in the new year

New Year's Eve was time for some Aggie football. A&M played Northwestern at the Car Care Bowl at Reliant.

Lauren, Stephen, Bob, me, and Neysha tailgating before the game*

Bob didn't get the memo on who we were all rooting for.

We had great seats and it was a great game even though the fourth quarter definitely gave us a few worries!

The Ags pulled out a win 33-22. A great ending to the season. I went back and kept it a relatively low key new years with Neysha, Stephen and the new baby. He's a delight!

Lauren had found this fabulous recipe on Pinterest from Plain Chicken, so we gave it a shot.


Lauren was a pro at making this while the rest of us watched the Jersey Shore marathon. We are classy like that.

This will definitely be made again. It was so delicious!

*Ok, Neysha really wasn't there. She was at home with her new 8 day old little man watching the game. She was there in spirit, so I just had to Photoshop her in for fun :)

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Renee@LivingLaughingLoving said...

Oh wow that does look scrumptious!!! Love the yumminess that is on Pinterest!