07 February 2012

another bot

Robot that is.

Instead of on a regular kids t-shirt, this time I did one on a onesie. Let's just say it was a tad more difficult. The smallness made some of the stitching hard....ok it made it really hard.

It turned out cute. I used one of the templates from my earlier post, but shrunk it down a bit.

I love the buttons, they definitely make the robot come to life :)

I'm loving all of these boy onesies that I've been making lately since there are so few cute boy ideas for kids & babies. I definitely can't wait to make some girly ones and share, especially since a friend of mine just found out she's having a girl :)

Non-baby stuff will be coming back to the blog soon. PROMISE. :)

1 comment:

Kristen Danielle said...

Your designs are so cute Lori! I have a friend having boy twins in May! How soon should I place an order?