13 February 2012

phone photo fun

This month I decided to do the February Photo A Day Challenge from @fatmumslim

So far so good. I've actually done it every day. No cheating by taking pictures on different days either!


The hardest/weirdest was Day 4 - a stranger. Creepy much?

I'm trying to think outside the box on these and really treat them like a challenge and not do the first obvious choice. So far, so good.

Linking up today with Savanah and Ashlee for phone photo fun Monday!


Anonymous said...

Great photos! I love the photo challenge. Thanks for linking up with Savanah and I!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I really hope there is a photo challenge in March! I found about February too late!

And I agree about the stranger picture. Awkward much, LOL!

Hope you have a great week!


Savanah said...

I have been bad and had to take pics late :( I just can't keep up!!
The stranger thing was definitely weird!!

Julia Miller said...

I love big bang theory :)