23 February 2012

phonto (technology thursday)

Today's share is a great FREE iPhone app for adding text to your images, Phonto.

You can take a photo straight from the app, or you can bring in an image from your gallery. There are in app ads (since it's free), but they aren't too distracting.

Once you have your picture loaded, simply tap on the screen to add your text.

You can then change your font type (over 100 fonts to choose from).

You can change the text orientation by tilting it and change the size as well.

You can also change the text color and the color of the background behind it.

It's a fun little app when combined with others gives you a lot of power in the palm of your hand.

It integrates with Pic Stitch (an app I talked about a few months ago) allowing you to make collages then bring them into Phonto to add text. It also works with Instagram, once you have finished adding your text you can export to Instagram, add your filters and publish. I give this app two thumbs up and think it's one that everyone should have!

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