03 February 2012

what's in my bag

I mentioned that I love the What's in My Bag feature in US Magazine.

Here's what's currently in my bag, along with some details.

1. I've had this Hobo wallet for a number of years and it shows absolutely no sign of wear. I love it! (buy)

2. My iPod Nano and earbuds are safe and sound in my case. The earbuds don't get tangled in my bag and I don't have to worry about scratching my iPod. (buy similar)

3. Kleenex is a must for this allergy suffering gal. Since it's not logical (or fashion saavy) to carry a box with me, these mini packs do the trick.

4. My Moo Cards! I love them and while I don't have a great case for them currently, the box does it's job nicely. (buy)

5. My iPhone and Otterbox Defender case. This thing protects my phone and I definitely am not afraid of accidentally dropping it. (buy)

6. My keys. Definitely not going anywhere without these babies.

7. Currently carrying this lovely Jessica Simpson purse from a few years ago. It's perfect...not too big and not too small. Just right...I'm like a modern day Goldilocks. (buy similar)

8. I mentioned before I don't go anywhere without ponytail holders and chap stick. A pen is also always close.

9. My Vera Bradley bag (that I got for FREE at a work event last summer) holds all the other miscellaneous items that I don't want just randomly in my purse like Advil/Tylenol, band aids, makeup brushes, etc. (buy similar)

What do you have in your bag?

1 comment:

Meg O. said...

So organized! Mine looks nothing like that. Haha!!!