09 February 2012

who's pinning you? (techno thursday)

I'm not sure how many of you know about this trick, so I thought I'd share...it's really easy to see who is pinning you, how many repins and likes they have gotten at Pinterest. You don't even need to check Google Analytics!

Simply type http://pinterest.com/source/YOUR-URL into your address barInstead of YOUR-URL put your website address minus the http://

For example, I can see what people are pining from my site by using http://pinterest.com/source/made-by-lori.blogspot.com/

This came in really handy when I changed my blog name/URL. It let me see what other people had pinned from brown-eyed tornado.

When people click on those pins they are taken to an error page, so I added links to all of those pins on the moved post I put up at my old site.

Just a fun tip for Technology Thursday!

Did you already know you could do this?

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Lauren said...

Dagnabbit, Blogger does not EVER want to accept my comments. We'll try this again:

I knew about it and usually check once a week or so. I always think it's interesting to see which posts are the most active on Pinterest. My most popular post on the site is crockpot salsa chicken which surprised me. It is so... not an impressive meal at all, lol!