20 March 2012

sucked in again? yep.

Last year I told myself I was out after Simon left my beloved American Idol.

Then...this happened...

I tried to #savethegrowler. To this day I can't listen to Lady Gaga's version of "You and I". Nope. Can't do it. That's a Haley song. Unfortunately we were left with only a third place finish. Boo! Scotty McCreery? Really America? Really?

Luckily she scored a record deal and just released this song that I'm currently obsessed with. And she'll be singing it on Idol Thursday :)

Haley Reinhart - Free by Interscope Records

I told myself I was out again...especially with the news of the same judges returning. Ugh.

Then, while at Zac Brown Band at the rodeo, Neysha & Stephen introduced me to the wonder that is Phillip Phillips. Let's look past the poor guys name (just for a second) and get to the good stuff...

Dave Matthews long lost son? No doubt. My new favorite Idol contestant? Most definitely. For the record, Skylar is currently my #2.

Are you watching Idol this year? Who's your fave?

1 comment:

Christina said...

Ooooh, I like her voice! Um, that Alanis cover? Perfection! I haven’t watched Idol in years. I should get back into it, but only after they get down to the top 10. I hate the auditions.