23 April 2012

photo dump

Time to dump some photos from this past week. Some of these are from the April Photo A Day Challenge from @fatmumslim

1. Gotta get my 50 votes in for Phillip Phillips!
2. Flower of the fabric variety. Like it? Get it or one like it :)
3. We've been having some beautiful weather lately. Gorgeous!
4. Love my job. Love the projects my kids turn in. Annoyed by having to grade them? Yes...only because it takes so long! :)

5. Grow Faster by Essie. LOVE this stuff. Makes my nails stronger and they grow like lightening!
6. Storyboarding. I hate to do them, as do most of my students. However, they are insanely helpful when completing a project.
7. New obsession? I think so. Lemon Parfait is to die for...too bad Vera's retiring it!
8. Later this week I'm heading to Chicago. The weather there is quite a bit different than our 80s here in Texas!

Linking up today with Savanah and Ashlee for phone photo fun Monday!


Courtney*Cakes said...

Love all your pictures.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to try that Essie polish! Glad to hear it works.