10 May 2012

animation time!

My animation kiddos are currently hard at work on their last project for the year....and I'm currently being verbally abused at work on a daily basis because of it. :)

I let them pick the audio they wanted to animate similar to Kinetic Typography or Lyric Music Videos. Some of the requirements included having an audio clip that was at least one minute long and included at least 100 words.

They tell me quite frequently they hate me for making them do this. It's very time consuming and they have to be precise in making sure the text lines up with the audio.

I decided to do the assignment with them and I finally finished. Here is my result...

Love me some Dave Matthews and Phillip Phillips!

They also like criticizing my musical taste...calling this song and Dave Matthews "creepy". lol.


Abby said...

That's so cool. I do a lot of assignments kind of like this for my media degree so I know that this would have taken ages to make and sync up with the music. Great job


Christina said...

Awesome! I love when singers put out lyrics videos when a new song comes out. You did such a great job! I think I want to take your class! Haha!