21 June 2012

[guest blog] shop love!

Today is the day. Harry Potter here we come!

Today is my fellow Houston blogger, Kristen from From Kristen, With Love. Take it away Kristen!
Hi Made By Lori readers! My name is Kristen & I blog at From Kristen, With Love. My blog is a compilation of things that make me happy... which includes but is not limited to do-it-yourself projects, tasty recipes, like a copy cat chili's salsa, & the occasional organization tips

The handsome man in the photo is my boyfriend, C posing for our Christmas card photos last year. 

In April of this year, I took a huge leap of courage & faith & opened my Etsy store, named after my blog, From Kristen, With Love. At my store you'll find cute hand designed & affordable totes, wooden signage art, & I also have a few things marketed towards weddings. 

Here are a few of my items for sale in the shop!

See anything you might like? Head over to my Etsy Store

Special thanks to Lori for having me guest post today. Hope you are enjoying your vacation! 

Aren't those cute? I love Kristen's writing and love love that tote. These are definitely on my wish list! Thanks again Kristen for guest posting. Head over to her shop or her blog and say hello!

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Christina said...

So cute Kristen! I love the tote. You are so talented!