17 July 2012

pop century hotel

We stayed at Disney's Pop Century Resort. It is one of the value hotels on the Disney property. We chose Pop Century over All Star Music, Movies, or Sports because Pop has its own bus while the 3 All Star resorts share one. Pop Century is also across a lake from the new Art of Animation resort. It's a short walk to check that one out (which we never got around to doing!).

The property is built into sections, the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

Each section is themed for a particular decade. Complete with some HUGE decorations around all of the buildings! There are even a few bunnies roaming around the property :)

Around the lake are markers for each year from 1950 until 2000. Of course we had to take pics next to our birth years!

The computer pool area was one of my favorites. A huge laptop computer is the backdrop to a computer monitor pool with a keyboard to walk on. Really neat!

I at least got a picture of the Art of Animation hotel as seen above!

I think the huge Play-Doh canister was one of my favorites, along with the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads. It was a really fun hotel!

Have you ever stayed at Pop Century? If not, which Disney resorts have you stayed at?


Meg Cady said...

I used to live in Orlando so I never got the resort experience but now that im grown i so want to stay HERE!

Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

I worked at this resort - the computer pool was always the slowest! Loved it glad you liked it!

applesandglue said...

Oh my goodness, how neat... I totally want to go there! I can't even decide which part is my favorite!

Christina said...

I've never even heard of this, but it's totally awesome! What a fun place to stay!!

Savanah said...

this hotel looks SO cool!!!! When we went when I was in HS we stayed at an All Star resort. It was pretty neat too but not like that!!