24 August 2012

friday faves

It's Friday, so it's time to link up with The Bargain Blonde again for Friday Faves! This is quickly becoming one of my fave link-ups.

Even though he doesn't read my blog, I have to wish my dad a happy happy birthday!

Justin Bieber + NSync. Teenyboppers everywhere rejoice.

Sarcasm at its finest on this favorite. I'm strongly reconsidering my Favorite Olympian designation. Dear Ryan Lochte, You give your former teachers a bad name. Sincerely, Educators Everywhere. Terrible.


I couldn't pick just one because I absolutely LOVE these two commercials. I laugh every time the Old Navy one comes on tv. "She's not new!" And the Target English teacher?!?! Love her! Sorry music teacher, she has you beat this year! "Notebooks and Jeans!!"

Love Cher Lloyd. This cover definitely shows that this girl can sing. And the song? Loving it so much. I listened to the Robyn version, and  I really think this one trumps it.

Agree with any of my faves?


Erin said...

The Lochte interviews kill me every time....bless him.

Dana @ five30three said...

Maybe we should just watch those Lochte clips on mute because he still is fun to look at, even if he's a moron.

And I love the new girl commercial. "You guysssss, she's not new...."

Christina said...

I love that mashup! And that Lochte video! He’s so stupid, but so cute. I’ve been watching him on the talk show circuit lately and he’s not much better now than he was in this video. Poor dumb guy. I love how Andrea whispers “And I love you”. So creepy and perfectly Andrea!

Lindsey said...

HAHAHHA I LOVE that Lochte interview!!! Why is he so damn cute but so dumb????