04 September 2012

music to my ears

Guess what? Good music is a coming and since I've done this a few times before (here & here), I thought I'd do it again.

Matchbox Twenty - North (out TODAY!)
16 year old Lori is freaking out over here. First time I saw them live in concert was back in 1996 at BuzzFest in Houston at the Woodlands Pavilion. We had great seats and I will never forget that concert. I will admit I didn't think we'd ever get another Matchbox Twenty record. I'm happy to say I was wrong. While I'm loving the song and video for She's So Mean, I gotta share Overjoyed. Loving this song!

Dave Matthews Band - Away From the World (out next Tuesday, September 11)
Best live show on the planet? Yes. I've loved this band for almost 20 years. Nuts. Can't wait to hear this entire album. Please excuse Mr. Matthews' language at the beginning.

Little Big Town - Tornado (out next Tuesday, September 11)
Pontoon was the song of the summer. Wonder if the rest of the album is as good. The title track is pretty darn catchy.

Tristan Prettyman - Cedar + Gold (out September 25)
I've been waiting for a new album from this talented lady for a number of years. So far from what I've heard, this is not going to disappoint. I'm obsessed with I Was Gonna Marry You, but since I've already shared that once...here's another great song from the album.

Jason Aldean - Night Train (out October 16)
Yes Please.

Any new music you are looking forward to this fall?


Meg O. said...

I am so excited that Matchbox 20 is back!!!!!

Jayme and Mendi said...

Matchbox 20!! And DMB...have seen them a bunch of times! Love them!!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

tara said...

LOVE me some matchbox 20!!

Clare C. Whitaker said...

I always love listening to different songs and it's fun to come across tunes on other's blogs. Great blog, playing music now! I hope you're having a great week, if you have time I'd love for you to stop by Twirling Clare to enter my giveaway from Brighthouse Baubles. The winner will be announced on Friday!
Twirling Clare

Christina said...

I’m excited for No Doubt! I’m also curious about Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift. I didn’t realize Matchbox Twenty had an album coming out. Plus DMB, Green Day, Alanis, and ND? The '90s are back!