21 January 2013

fave females

I come up with random ideas for blog posts when I'm driving in the car. Sometimes I remember them...and sometimes I don't. Luckily, this is one I remembered.

It all stemmed from a song I heard on the radio. So here are some of my fave females in a variety of categories.

Kelly Clarkson. Love. Love. Love her! Unlike some other artists who flip flop between pop and country (not gonna name any names or anything), I love hearing Kelly on both types of stations. Currently loving her song Don't Rush with Vince Gill and of course Catch My Breath.

Emma Stone. Loved her in Zombieland, Easy A, The Help, and Crazy Stupid Love. Love her interviews even more. She's hilarious. Funny is going to be a running theme with the next few ladies too...

Mindy Kaling. This one could have been writer as well. Her book is hilarious  Loved her on The Office. The Mindy Project is easily becoming one of my favorite shows. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that her boyfriend Josh needs to come back. I loved that character!

Grace Helbig. Yes, the girl from the Lowe's and Google commercials. Her channel has me in stitches daily. While at times a bit raunchy (be warned), she definitely can make me laugh. Plus, anyone who makes fun of Taylor Swift is aces in my book. Plus she teaches you how to do the Cup Song. Winner.

Franziska from Franish. I love her casual style. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers. If you are addicted to Pinterest (like me) then you may have seen one of her most popular posts (and one of my favorites) about how to better layer a button down and sweater. Genius.

Hope you had fun checking out all the videos and links.

Who are some of your favorite females?

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Christina said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and I'm on my way to check out that blogger! :)