08 January 2013


This post was almost named ransoms...no thank you autocorrect!

Meet my new BFF...


No, not the creepy head. Nope, not the books. See those tissues (that aren't mine, by the way)?

Tissues and I cannot be separated. We have become one.

Being sick is no bueno. I'm not sick for my entire two week break...then BAM! Sunday strikes (which just happens to be my birthday) and I start feeling icky. Yesterday at work wasn't much better. So today it was off to the doctor I went. I'm not a "suck it up" type sick person. I'm a "gimme the drugs" type sick person. The best kind I think.

So what else is on my lovely mind? Here's a few things...

...can I please become a member of Sheldon Cooper's Council of Ladies?

...tomorrow is my self-declared weigh-in day. Wonder how much water weight I've lost?

...The Bachelor started yesterday. Did I watch? No (Instead I squeezed out the end of college football season. Too bad it wasn't much of a fight. Roll Tide). Am I going to watch? Prolly not.

...RHOBH? Yes. Vanderpump Rules? No thanks. Nice try, Bravo. Next time please don't trick my DVR into recording both. Shahs of Sunset, however, is an excellent edition to the lineup.  Good job.

...rain go away. Gimme some sun. I'm also ready for Texas spring, which will surely only last a week.

...Houston rodeo kicks off soon and the performers were announced. Thanks to an awesome friend (yes, Lauren I'm talking about you), I'll be getting to enjoy the hotness that is Jason Aldean and George Strait (with a little Randy Rogers on the side). Can't wait!

That's all for now, gotta go bust open another box of Puffs Plus. Fun times!


Darby Hawley said...

Oh no! I hope you start feeling better soon!

Christina said...

I'm sorry you got sick on your birthday! That's the worst! I'm a "give me drugs" person too! Haha. I totally agree with you about Vanderpump. Boooo!

Happy belated birthday. I'm so behind in blog land. Sorry!!!